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How do I modify my domains name servers?

How do I modify my domains name servers?

Your domain's name servers (DNS) must be changed in order for people to view your website (unless we have registered the domain name for you). This is usually done through your domain name control panel (where you purchased the domain name from). Using the Username ID and Password you were given when your domain name was registered, go to your control panel and click on Modify Domain Name Servers (Modify DNS) or Change Domain Name Servers. Two name servers are employed; a primary and secondary. In order for your website to be viewable by it's domain name, the name servers it's delegated to at the registry must be changed to ours.

Host Name IP Address

When changing the name server settings, some registrar's require both Host Name & IP Address, while others require only the Host Name.

What is a Name Server?
A domain name server (DNS) is a computer that contains a list of domain names and the associated IP addresses. When a domain name is typed in a web browser, the domain name server associates that with the IP address and the correct website opens in the web browser.

Propagation Delay
Allow 2-12 hours before your site is viewable by domain name, after name server updates have been completed. This is the time required for the information to be passed onto all the different ISP's around the world.

If you would prefer us to make the changes for you, please advise.
This is a free service we provide. We require your domain registry username and password assigned to you when you registered your domain name.

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